Streets of London Porter Ingredient Kit


Porter is a broad-ranging beer style and in fact is now considered to be two styles: Brown Porter and Robust Porter. Ours is the former. This beer has a lighter color and - while maintaining medium body and dark, roasty, coffee-like aroma and flavor- it also has some caramel malt and more hops than some porters. As a Brown Porter it’s also a little less dry and “stout-like” than the more black Robust Porters. Look forward to drinking this rich and satisfying dark red/black ale with flavors of dark toasted malts and bitter chocolate, some sweet malt and caramel with a hint of spicy hops. 

Brews 5 Gallons.  Kits only contains ingredients - necessary equipment sold separately.

All ingredient kits include 48 round labels for your bottles! Customize these with your choice of up to 16 characters of text.